Sales Agreement

I try to tailor my Sales Agreements and Stud Service contracts to meet the individual situation and needs of each sale or service, whether that be for a companion home, a show/working/breeding home, a co-ownership home, or for stud services.  There are portions of my agreements that will not be altered under any circumstances, but I am always willing to discuss any and all points within each one so that you, the buyer or bitch owner, will have a complete understanding and comprehension of why these points are within the pages of my agreements or stud service contracts.  I do not want anyone signing an agreement or contract if they are uncomfortable.  Once one is signed I will stand by it, and unless there are extenuating circumstances in the future, I expect for you to abide by it just as I will.  I pride myself on being easy to work with and when writing up my agreements do my best to put the other shoe on the foot in an attempt to be fair to both myself as the breeder/stud dog owner and you the buyer/bitch owner, but first and foremost fair to the puppies and dogs involved. They are my main concern and my contracts reflect this.