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*** With my current litter, I will be seeking out serious owners for the picks, not only for the show ring, but also for performance areas. I work with bloodlines not normally seen in either area, but they produce to the standard goldens in every way, including intelligence and athleticism.  Join me in helping Quapaw take these areas by storm and be re-introduced to the dog show world.!!  I promise you , you will not regret the decision.

Quapaw received word this past weekend that we have bred a new UKC CH Quapaw’s Dare 2 Be Different  “Birdie” co-owned with  Annika Charo in Florida


Our Fall 2018/Winter2019 litter is here!!! 😀  See details below

1.. Please check out the Guisachan 2013 page off and on. As I have time I shall be posting photos or links to my photos. Please read Peter Mills new book: The Yellow Retriever. This is a must read for any true Golden enthusiast as well as breeder/owners. Once must know your history to understand your future.

4. I have added new links articles/videos of interest under Golden Notes.
          Late Fall 2018 PUPPY NEWS:
 ” Miracle” was bred to  “Bumper” and now has a lovely litter (whelped November 12, 2018) on the ground: 2 girls and 4 boys!!   I am  seeking serious show/performance homes who will work with me on a generous co-ownership or outright ownership retaining stud rights to help us preserve this litter’s bloodline , through collecting semen to freeze as well as breed to down the road, along with companion homes  and therapy dog homes.
I will soon be posting more info on “The Whelping Box ” page where the link to the pedigree will be, along with updated eye clearances.  I have not been one to consistently  put clearances up on the OFA site so that should not be a concern.  I will also post photos of the first litter there as well. In the meantime you can view photos of the litter  on either Quapaw’s FB page or my personal FB page if you like.
I am an open book when it comes to my program and no question will go unanswered. You will get a direct response.
My “Gabe” (Miracle’s grandsire) has definitely made his presence seen in these babies. Structure, temperament, intelligence, and bidability should be there for whatever area you wish to try with your puppy. Taking reservations now. Please contact me at: 317-333-2225 (my cell) evenings and weekends.
*** Both Bumper and Miracke have exceptional temperaments and beautiful structure. Bumper has his AKC Championship, but due to my personal physical limitationd  Miracle has not earned hers as get. I’m
Hoping to gain her IABCA title and possibly eithe. UKC or her CANADIAN.
We are extremely proud that we have produced two certified service dogs in Percy (Alaska) and Galileo (Texas), as well as numerous therapy dogs over the years. These dogs speak highly of my programs regarding temperament and intelligence produced.
We continue to be proud of our beautiful boy who is co-owned with his breeder, Pat Herschman (Camelot – NJ):
*** Aust., Can., Am.UKC. CH “Simon” (14 AKC points both majors) ***
Simon is linebred on our faoundation dam: “CH. Kissa” CD, OD.
All stud service inquiries or Simon puppies: 1-856-307-7396 or
We shall be looking forward to a Simon granddaughter joining us here at Quapaw later this year out of our homebred UKC. CH Simon daughter, co-owned with Dottie Anne Von Sukil of Eldorado Goldens out East.
Old News but Proud News:
***Can. CH Quapaw’s Believe N Miracles “Brent” has added the new Canadian title of Can. THD (therapy dog)! Judy Stewart of Blue Heron, his co-owner in Canada reports that “Brent” has now achieved more than 313 home visits not counting his numerous visits with children over the years. We cannot be prouder of “Brent” and his work in his life after the rings. What a great representation of what we here at Quapaw strive for and believe in. Thank you “Brent” and keep up the good work. “Mom” and your sire, “Devon” are so proud of you and miss you everday. ***