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 I am back from the most wonderful trip to the UK. Only a golden event of this magnitude could have gotten me on a plane for the first time in my life! First a week in Cirencester near Glouster being part of the Centenary Celebration of the UK-GRC on the beautiful Estate of the Duke and Duchess of Bathurst, (absolutely the most gracious and down to earth people you would ever want to talk with!) then a few days off to tour the countryside, villages and castles among other sites, then up to Scotland to be part of The Guisachan Gathering at the former estate of Lord Tweedmouth who created this marvelous breed! Gave me goosebumps to be there. The spirits of Lord T and his goldens were alive and well watching over us ( yes I have a photo that attests to this as well as others!!!)  ***As soon as I can get them here I will have photos and stories (plenty of these too!!) on my website. I think most likely since there are so many that I will have links up on this page or a special page that will take you to all of them or to slide presentations of them. Please be patient as I have over 200 and am now putting them in folders and labeling them. With school now in full swing will take me a bit longer, but they are well worth the wait.!!  PBS news did a story on the Gathering. I even made it in one of the photos  as did a picture of Gabe (will relate that once the link to it is up).  Keep tuned………..

This link takes you to the GRCS and tons of photos………..now the trick is can you find me in several of them? Hint: I am wearing black and white at the party and am wearing purple slacks and a white print top at the estate. ( I know I am not MIss Skinny Minny anymore BUT because these pics are rectangular in shape ………..just take that into account please!! LOL )