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  • Hillside Golden Retrievers
        Hillside Golden Retrievers is owned by good friends Carl and Sharon Rosenkoetter, in Beaufort, MO. HIllside was begun in the late 1970’s and is a multi-purpose kennel as you will see.
  • Swanavly Golden Retrievers
        Swanavly Golden Retrievers is located in Yugoslavia and is owned by Vladamir and Silvana Vuckovik. They were kind enough to send me Gabe. They have continually bred some of the best Goldens in Europe I think. I can never thank them enough for Gabe.
  • Wysiwyg Golden Retrievers
        Wysiwyg Golden Retrievers is owned by Anthea Adamopoulis in Australia. Her affix is an acronym for: “What You See Is What You Get”. I concur with her thoughts. 🙂 Anthea co-owns Australian CH Camelot Quapaw’s To Oz & Back, aka “Simon,” bred by Pat Herschman of Camelot and co-owned with Pat and myself. Anthea has been importing American lines into Australia for quite a few years and has been highly successful. She recognizes the value of diversity as long as the diversity comes from a quality breeding program and quality lines. Pat and I count Anthea as a close and dear friend, as well as knowledgeable breeder and handler.
  • Laburnum
        Laburnum is owned by Marion Dingly. Laburnum is located in the Netherlands. Marion is a long time respected breeder. I value her friendship and her breeding program.

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