Our References


       **Patricia Herschman
           CAMELOT Golden Retrievers
           Glasboro, NJ
           “As a breeder of 30+ years, I rarely have had co-owners on dogs I have owned or bred.  I am delighted to have Kathy as my co-onwer on Aust. Ch  Camelot Quapaw’s To Oz & Back “Simon”.  I trust Kathy with this special boy, as I would trust my own family.”
      **Suzie Houtz
          COUNTRYLANE Golden Retrievers
          Columbia, MO
      **Nancy Talbott
          BELGOLD Golden Retrievers
          Quartz Hill, CA
      **Mary and Tom Schulz
          CEDAR Golden Retrievers
          Fremont, WI
      **Sallie D’Asaro
          DARROWBY Golden Retrievers
          Middleburgh, NY
      **Sharon Rosenkoetter
          HILLSIDE Golden Retrievers
          Beaufort, MO
      **Elaine Brent
          ONE ASH  Golden Retrievers
          West Salem, OH
      **Joyce Ottenad
          TAWNYTYKE  Golden Retrievers
          Overland, MO
      **Dianne Barnes
          WINDSONG Golden Retrievers
          Bonner, MT
      **Silvana and Vladamir Vuckovic
          SWANAVLY  Golden Retrievers
          +381 21 461755
         “From the very first contact with Kathy I remember a feeling of trust I had for her and a similarity of views we shared in common both regarding breeding , keeping and caring for goldens. This is what prompted me to consider entrusting her one of our special ones, the first pick of  a dog from our precious Vicky, whom she has given a lovely home.  Since then our frinedship has grown and proved its value many times  through all those years and is surely going to remain like that in the future. “

Silvana Vuckovic, Swanavly . ( www.swanavly.com)

      **Marion Dingley
          LABURNAM  Golden Retrievers
          The Netherlands
          + 050 50 34 687
      ** Anthea Adamopoulis
          WYSIWYG Golden Retrievers
      **Jim and Judy Stewart
          BLUEHERON Golden Retrievers
          Perth, Canada
      **Billy Hunter
          KANATI Golden Retrievers
          Bowling Green, KY
      **Arianna Briscoe
          1stClass Golden Retrievers
             “I met Kathy thanks to the UK Goldens forum. I’ve noticed a couple of her postings and I got struck by her knowledge and strong ethics as well as by the way she could put her beliefs on paper and transfer them to the reader, so I decided to write her and that was the beginning of our friendship! Other than being a precious friend, Kathy has been the best mentor a newbie can ask for, always ready to dispense advises and divulge information. Thanks to Kathy my knowledge of the Golden Retriever world is growing at a fast speed and if a day not too far in the future I’ll be a good breeder it will be mainly thanks to her.”

Arianna Rosellini-Briscoe
1stClass Goldens

      **Terry Hanley
            Owner of: Quapaw’s Royal Lukas of Britt UD
          Ballwin, MO
      **Nancy Talbott (respected breeder and judge)
           Owner of:  Quapaw’s Ohso Impressive  WC(major pointed)
          see contact info above
      **Dianne Barnes
           Owner of: Am CH Quapaw’s Wingsong Wind Marker CD JH
                             WC VC
           see contact info above
      **Jim and Judy Stewart
          Co-owners of: Can CH Quapaw’s Believe ‘N Miracles
           (active/registered therapy dog)
           see contact info above
      ** Billy Hunter
            Owners of: Int’l SH CH Quapaw’s Believe in St. Nick
            see contact info above
      **Mark and Bev Schimpf
           Owners of: Quapaw’s Bannerstone
                               Quapaw’s I Be A Kathouse Mouse CD (at retirement)
                               Quapaw’s The Snotty Fox
                               Quapaw’s “Daisey”
            Reno, NV
      ** Joy Beckner ( famed dog sculptress)
           Used  Quapaw’s Lady Guinevere as her model for two of
           her sculptures:
           “Three Faces of Guinevere” and “Over the Rainbow”