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Introducing: "Percy" aka Quapaw's Fire N Rain (O'Ryan x 'Retha - our Gabe daughter) and Mali Redick of Anchorage, Alaska.  On 12/27/2013, with the passing of the Public Access Test, "Percy"  earned his official title of Service Dog for Mali.  We are so very proud of them.

Mali chose to train "Percy" herself due to her unique challenges with the guidance of the Alaska Assistance Dogs trainers. Mali chose to share her training of "Percy" via a series of you tube videos entitled maliandpercy. The link is below.

I knew "Percy" was one very special puppy and so kept waiting and waiting for that special person to come along.............and she did!  Now our very special and unique puppy has a very special and unique job helping a very special young woman way up north!!! :-)

We look forward to sharing this special relationship. Mali ..the world is now your oyster......go forth and enjoy it with your special friend, "Percy". :-)

This photo was taken on 12/27/2013 shortly after "Percy" passed the final test.

Here is the link to Mali and Percy's training videos.



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