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*** Quapaw-Fairlea B-Lieve N Avaln, "Guinevere," was the model for Joy's sculpture below. Guin is from the "Believe" litter: Quapaw's Impressive Endeavor "Devon"x One Ash Heaven Help Us "Ditto" ***

Bronze Sculpture: Three Faces of Guinevere

14" Diameter x 19 1/2"H ~ Bronze ~ Mahogany Base
Edition of 20 & 2 Artist's Proofs ~ 2001

In October 2000, I walked my dachshunds, Lizzie and Edgar, in the neighborhood. We stopped to see our neighbor, Joanlee Ferarra, and her two-month-old Golden Retriever puppy, Guinevere. I'd never wanted to sculpt a fluffy dog, but Guinevere was absolutely adorable. She won my heart with her eyelashes: they wouldn't stop.
In December, I mustered the nerve to ask Joanlee if I could work on a clay sculpture of Guinevere in her kitchen. She said yes, but my, how Guinevere had grown! Suddenly I had a new goal. I would create a three-in-one puppy portrait. It would range in age from two months to eight months! I redesigned the armature and quickly created the four month portrait. Then, I blocked in the younger and the older heads and waited for Guinevere to grow.
When I returned in April to complete the largest head, I could not believe how much Guinevere had grown. Her head was an inch longer than I had blocked in. Because I didn't live with Guinevere, I used photos for reference, but it was great to have Guinevere for life studies for the four month and the eight month portraits. Finally, I completed the youngest puppy from memory and Joanlee's marvelous photos.
Three Faces of Guinevere is mounted on a handmade, rotating bronze and mahogany base. Because the arc is hand-forged, each will vary slightly in height. Each Three Faces of Guinevere is signed, numbered and includes my mark, Joy Beckner fine bronze sculpture of hounds and humans. A Certificate of Authenticity is included. Enjoy!


Kathy Wood
Indiana  46069
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